Monologue #3: CWTCH written by Ben Wilson

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Author & Voice Actor

Ben Wilson

Dramatic Moose Productions


Cwtch! Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned cwtch?! Why it’s been a tradition of the Welsh for as long as… 'I'll be there now in a minute' or, just about any other of our fine traditions.

A cwtch, for the uneducated, is the best possible version of a hug or a cuddle. The difference being, is that you don’t get the kind of warm, fuzzy, safe feeling from a hug or cuddle.

It is so SO much more than a simple embrace! It has the ability to manifest itself as a number of different affections, so many emotions swirling and whirling within the same breath and symbolises that warm gooey feeling that only a certain closeness to another person can create.

A Mother, A Father, A Son, A Daughter, A Brother, A Sister, A Friend, A Partner, A Pet, A Cuddly toy! All are susceptible to its embraceable charms.

Had a particularly grueling day at work? Let’s have a cwtch.

Man, I’ve not seen a good friend or loved one in what seems like an eternity! Oh you better believe that when we do see each other again my friend, THAT cwtch will be lengthy and heartfelt.

This grief over losing that person sure is strong today. Let this cwtch act as a safety blanket and absorb the grief with you.

God this crippling loneliness is knocking me for six. Then this cwtch will be lonely with you for as long as it takes.

‘Oh sweetie! Did you have a nasty trip, fall or scuff? Come here. Doctor Cwtch is ready to see you now and make it all better.’

So you see, there really is nothing better than a good cwtch. It is an essential cog in the universal engine of love.

Men, women and children across the world will have had one AND been given one.

Maybe even right now, in this very moment, this particular window of time, two souls are lost in the very thralls of its alluring and invigorating nature. Maybe without even knowing it.

There really isn’t much more I can say other than… When can I have a cwtch?

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